Wild West Willy

iOS casual multi-touch game.

Wild West Willy is created with Spritebuilder and Xcode application is tap-based, easy to play but hard to complete casual game.

It’s inspired by whack-a-mole, where players have to tap an enemy that suddenly appears on the screen randomly. If they succeed, the coin will be added, if they do not succeed then the Coin will be reduced. Besides the enemies, civilians who must be saved also appear randomly. Because of that, players must be careful not to tap carelessly, Game will stop if they tap a civilian. With increasing level, the enemies will be more difficult and players must upgrade the weapon. From every coin they get, they can buy greater weapons and ammunitions to deal with the harder enemies.

There are two types of enemies that encounter the players. In the first episode, they will face a bunch of bandits and in the next episode, they will face zombie hordes.

This game is also supported with Game Center so that player can compete with other players.

Compatibility : Mobile (iOs)
Download Link : iTunes