RGBW Remote

Milight wifi LED bulb controller for Desktop.

An adobe air-based application as a remote control for LED lamps that use Milight wi-fi. This application can only work with version 3 of Milight wi-fi which at the time this application was created, it was the latest version.

It’s compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher, Mac OS X v10.6 or high. In both systems, Adobe Air needs to be installed, you can download adobe air for free at https://get.adobe.com/air.

Known Bugs:
When the lights in off position, pressing disco button or white mode will turn on the lights.


  • Download Adobe air (http://get.adobe.com/air/)
  • Install the application (RGBW.air for WIn/Mac or RGBW.dmg for Mac)
  • Launch the RGBW app, and setup the setting:
  • Target IP ( which is the default Milight wi-fi box IP.
  • Target Port 8899 Default port for Milight wi-fi box.<
  • Local IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Fill in with your local IP address which is connected to Milight wi-fi box.
  • Save the setting and try it out.

Please bear in mind by downloading and using this app you are agree that I do not take responsibility and liability for any possible errors/damage caused by my app.

Compatibility : Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux)
Download Link : Download