Free flash based avatar creator.

Pickaface.net is a FLASH and PHP based website application to create avatar online. The first version of this website was first developed in early 2011, with some basic elements and simple website. As time goes on and the growth of this website’s users, by the end of 2012 I started to rewrite some codes for the second version, adding more elements and other interesting features. I also develop this website to be a community-based website that allows interaction between users.

You can create an avatar on this website for free, even without being a member, with a note if you sign up (for free) you will get the second version of Pickaface.net which has much more elements (more than 550 elements) and additional features. Otherwise if you do not sign up, you can still create an avatar but you can only create it using the first version of Pickaface.net. If you’re happy with what you created and want a higher resolution version of your avatar, you can also buy it for a cheap price

Result generated from Pickaface app:
Compatibility : Desktop
Project Link : http://pickaface.net