Free vector SVG/PDF avatar generator.

Hexatar.com app is a JavaScript and PHP based website application to create an avatar for free, similar to Pickaface.net but more acceptable in all devices (desktop and mobile with modern browser). Unlike Pickaface.net which is flash based so that it is limited only for desktop (mobile devices do not support).
Hexatar.com app uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to produce avatar. Choosing SVG over others because SVG has more preferment. At this time, many people use high-resolution device and monitor. Because it is vector-based, so there is no problem to it, SVG is also responsive for a wide range of screen sizes.
The avatar output of Hexatar.com app is pure vector with high resolution. After magnifying and scaling to any size, it will still look vivid and sharp. You can choose to download the vector in SVG or PDF extension, or a medium-sized raster image in PNG extension.

Hexatar.com app is also available for website owners to embed the app on their websites.

Result generated from Hexatar app:
Compatibility : Desktop & Mobile (Browser required with HTML5 and JavaScript support)
Project Link : http://hexatar.com/